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BlackBizFest - Kansas City | Join us for this Citywide Cultural Edutaining Experience |  May 13 - 19 

BlackBizFest Logo

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
Empowering the Kansas City community with the richness of African American culture, art, and economic empowerment, BlackBizFest is a catalyst for unity and progress. Our mission is to create a space where diversity is celebrated, businesses flourish, and the legacy of African Americans is honored. BlackBizFest is committed to fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainable growth.

Vision Statement

BlackBizFest envisions a Kansas City where the tapestry of African American heritage is woven into the fabric of daily life. We aspire to be a beacon of cultural celebration, economic empowerment, and historical appreciation, fostering a community where every individual, regardless of background, feels inspired and included. Through a week-long transformative gathering, we aim to empower African American business owners, spark meaningful connections, and contribute to the growth and unity of our diverse city.