BlackBizFest - Kansas City | Join us for this Citywide Cultural Edutaining Experience |  May 13 - 19 

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The BlackBizFest stands as a distinctive cultural, business, and entertainment experience, uniquely situated in the heart of America; Kansas City. Kansas City has recently gained acclaim as a top travel destination in 2024. The city is celebrated for various attractions, including the triumphant Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl XLVII, their status as Super Bowl XLVIII contenders, world-renowned BBQ, the charm of the Historic 18 & Vine Jazz District, captivating fountains, diverse museums, picturesque parks, impressive sports venues, and the delightful May weather. This makes Kansas City an ideal destination for the BlackBizFest.

The core objective of BlackBizFest is to empower the Kansas City community with the richness of African American culture, art, and economic empowerment, BlackBizFest is a catalyst for unity and progress. Our mission is to create a space where diversity is celebrated, businesses flourish, and the legacy of African Americans is honored. BlackBizFest is committed to fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainable growth. BlackBizFest aims to benefit all residents and tourists in Kansas City.

Spanning a week and encompassing the entire city, the BlackBizFest is a transformative gathering that empowers African American business owners in Kansas City. Attendees can explore cutting-edge resources, engage with impactful speakers, establish life-changing connections, and contribute to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

The BlackBizFest goes beyond theoretical support by offering tangible guidance, mentorship, and inclusive spaces for black business owners. It also actively supports black businesses within the community through intentional economic backing.

In addition to business-focused activities, the BlackBizFest features cultural events with performing artists, speakers, pioneers, poets, craftspeople, educational activities for all age groups, financial and business seminars, technology showcases, African-inspired goods, and delectable ethnic cuisine. These elements contribute to the BlackBizFest's cultural richness, excitement, fun, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The pinnacle of the week includes signature events—the Kansas City Black Expo, Black Ball & Honors—at the prestigious Kansas City Convention Center.

Supporting the BlackBizFest aligns with its mission, promoting diversity, providing high-level branding opportunities for businesses, and gaining consumer exposure in the market.

Interested parties are encouraged to review the provided packet and consider extending their support.
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